Behind the Scenes

Norwescon 40

This past weekend I had the privilege of being a part of the Art Show at Norwescon 40. What a weekend! 

To start off with a bit about Norwescon; for the past 40 years, Norwescon has been the Pacific Northwest's premier Sci-Fi & Fantasy conviention, as well as one of the largest regional ones in the country. The Art Show is a key feature at the convention, with 85 participating artists this year, from both local and afar showcasing a wide variety of art mediums. You can visit their website here.

I was thrilled to be accepted into this year's art show, and spent several months preparing for my first professional show. Up until

then, I had always taken my photos for fun, happy to have a hobby that allowed me to have a creative outlet. Thanks to my work as a graphic designer the past two years, I had been slowly gaining editing skills and enjoyed applying those to my own projects. Entering this art show allowed me to take the next step with my artwork and dip a toe into the world of professional artists, which meant I had a lot of work to do! After finishing several more pieces, I got my show pieces printed on canvas to hang as well as getting 11x14 prints done of each to be available in the Print Shop, an area of the art show where you could buy less expensive prints of artwork. Making a logo, ordering business cards, and setting up an Instagram were the next steps, followed by building this website. Thanks to a close friend at BeSquared Photography and Video Productions I was able to create this gorgeous website, at which point it hit me that this was all really coming together! Signing my prints, getting them packaged, and packing it all up, I headed to con not knowing what to expect but excited nonetheless. 

The staff at the Norwescon Art Show were the most welcoming and helpful people, and I got through my set up and check in thanks to them. After that I attended the Artist's Reception, where I was able to show my artwork to the other attending artists and hear their input. With the start of the convention the next day, there was nothing to do but wait and watch as the show was open Friday through Sunday for the public to walk through, bid on pieces, and purchase prints. I spent most of my convention time networking and meeting attending artists and authors, and having a wonderful time gaining as much advice and critique as possible. 

I am thrilled to say thatmy piece "Something Wicked" sold on the first day, Friday, in the afternoon for full price direct sale. I had four prints of it available in the Print Shop and all four sold as well, officially making this one my most popular image! While I was hanging one print up to display in the Print Shop a lovely woman asked to have it so she could go purchase it. What a feeling, having someone literallytake the art out of your hands so they might buy it. I feel so honored and blessed to both share my work with the world and have it liked in return. After this weekend I have gained a whole new insight into not just my art, but also the world of business  surrounding art. Thanks to all those artists and professionals who took the time to speak with me and educate me, I can hardly wait to start working on my next collection of artwork. I know that I am absolutely aiming to be in this show again next year, it has been the best of opportunites and the most wonderful of experiences. Thank you to everyone following me and my work, I am excited for what my future in the art world holds.