Brittany Torres never would have guessed she would become a photographer and fantasy artist. Leaving the quiet mountain town she grew up in Washington, she attended Mount Holyoke College in western Massachusetts, earning a Bachelor's in Arts with a double major in English and Medieval Studies. In between endless papers and a part time job, her creative side surfaced and Brittany started enlisting friends for photoshoots and learning to edit. Thanks to those self taught Photoshop skills, she was hired as a graphic designer upon moving back home after graduation. Designing book covers allowed her to hone her skills, but desperately missing creating her own pieces she began to delve back into her personal photography.

Creating one of her pieces is no quick project. Brittany is not only the photographer but also styles the model’s wardrobe and makeup, as well as doing all retouching and photo compositing. Building her brand Fantasy in Focus helps relate to her love for the fantasy realm of art and imagination, the photography she uses to portray it, and bringing into focus the subject of female agency within artwork. You can read more about her interest in women portrayed in fantasy art here. She hopes to create art that is vivid, inspiring, and gives her an excuse to attend fantasy conventions. Contact Brittany with any questions here and be sure to check out her behind the scenes blog!